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4月 2017

How to check your CZ quality with the right way ?

Posted by kenturay / BLOG, GEMSTONE & JEWELRY / 1978

When buying wholesale for your jewelry store, check out the quality of the loose cubic zirconia stones you are buying before paying. Be sure you are getting what you pay for and the quality that will please your customers. Choose only those items that will give lasting enjoyment. If you’re trying to determine if the stone you have is quality cubic zirconia, here are some ways to tell(For round white cubic zirconia):


1. Stone must have good symmetry of shape, the table and bottom are as centre.

2. The brightness of a stone should be best.

3. Polishing girdle thickness should be consistent.

 Superior Quality



4. Do not have broken, unround, hazy, crack, abraseof the edge and impurities of the stone.

   Poor Quality:


         * Inspecting the stone with a 10 times magnifier.



 Our exquisite cubic zirconia is a fine example of Kenturay’s product range.There are two kinds of exquisite cutting of Kenturay zirconia .

KTR-Flawless Cut

Superior quality of Kenturay Flawless Cut it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a real diamond and a Kenturay flawless cut zirconia. The brilliance, sparkle and luster look virtually identical and have the characteristics of a colorless Ideal cut  diamond.

The only supplier in the market which can offer larget output and stable quality control and make Kenturay Flawless Cut Zirconia the finest quality on the market.


* KTR-Pure Brilliant Cut

Applied ideal diamond-cut standards to zirconia. Kenturay’s Pure Brilliant Cut makes our zirconia the superior brilliance on the market. Kenturay’s Pure Brilliant Cut delivers almost the same level of brilliance as natural diamonds.


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