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9月 2017

Investment Pieces Every Woman Should Buy

Posted by wpadmin / BLOG, GEMSTONE & JEWELRY / 696

Now’s the time to start stocking up your closet with amazing fall finds (especially when major retailers are offering the best sales of the season), as well as your jewelry box. Our go-to right now? Kenturay, which is offering some of its prettiest pieces at competitive prices. We picked out our favorite items in the selection to give your accessories a glam update.



Get more bang for your buck with this luxurious design bracelet. while its cubic zirconia embellishments makes a perfect accent to a cocktail dress.




Every woman needs an attention-grabbing flower ring in her collection, and there’s no better time to add one piece in such a beautiful day.

SR00997 (1)



This piece incorporates the trendy element of a lariat necklace with the eye-catching appeal of a pendant.

Women’s fashion necklaces


The shimmering stones and eye-catching dangling stone means these earrings won’t go unnoticed.




6 Ways To Get People To Buy Your Products !

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4月 2017

How to check your CZ quality with the right way ?

Posted by kenturay / BLOG, GEMSTONE & JEWELRY / 1105

When buying wholesale for your jewelry store, check out the quality of the loose cubic zirconia stones you are buying before paying. Be sure you are getting what you pay for and the quality that will please your customers. Choose only those items that will give lasting enjoyment. If you’re trying to determine if the stone you have is quality cubic zirconia, here are some ways to tell(For round white cubic zirconia):


1. Stone must have good symmetry of shape, the table and bottom are as centre.

2. The brightness of a stone should be best.

3. Polishing girdle thickness should be consistent.

 Superior Quality



4. Do not have broken, unround, hazy, crack, abraseof the edge and impurities of the stone.

   Poor Quality:


         * Inspecting the stone with a 10 times magnifier.



 Our exquisite cubic zirconia is a fine example of Kenturay’s product range.There are two kinds of exquisite cutting of Kenturay zirconia .

KTR-Flawless Cut

Superior quality of Kenturay Flawless Cut it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a real diamond and a Kenturay flawless cut zirconia. The brilliance, sparkle and luster look virtually identical and have the characteristics of a colorless Ideal cut  diamond.

The only supplier in the market which can offer larget output and stable quality control and make Kenturay Flawless Cut Zirconia the finest quality on the market.


* KTR-Pure Brilliant Cut

Applied ideal diamond-cut standards to zirconia. Kenturay’s Pure Brilliant Cut makes our zirconia the superior brilliance on the market. Kenturay’s Pure Brilliant Cut delivers almost the same level of brilliance as natural diamonds.


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Thick Girdle Heavy CZ – The Best With Gold Jewelry !


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3月 2017

4 Points – Get In Your Customers Hearts !

Posted by kenturay / BLOG, SALES TECHNIQUE / 967


Great brands are built upon nuanced and valuable customer interactions, but today’s businesses rely on analyzing metrics to succeed. Have you noticed that audience growth, website engagement, and conversion rates seem to dominate modern marketing conversations? It’s no surprise. Companies are starting to acknowledge that much of their success relies on the preferences and behaviors of customers.


 # Family and Friends Matter

– 82% of people say they seek recommendations from friends and family when considering a purchase.

– 67% say they’re at least a little more likely to purchase a product after a friend or family member shared it via social media or email.


 # Rewards Make A Big Difference

– 88% of people say they would like some sort of incentive (money, product or service, loyalty points, early access, swag) for sharing a product via social media or email. That number jumps to 95% among 18-to-34-year-olds.

– By contrast, only 18% want to be rewarded with swag.


 # More About Millennials

– Across a variety of industries, 92% of 18-to-34 year-olds say they seek recommendations from friends and family when considering a product purchase — 10% greater than the general population.


 # Money Talks

– 86% of people with a household income of more than $100,000 seek recommendations when considering a purchase.



Modern customers who want to be in the know tap into their closest networks for trusted recommendations. Millennials are even more proactive in their search for recommendations and people seek more referrals when there’s more money at stake. We’ve crunched the numbers for you, now it’s your turn to attract quality customers with a referral marketing program that caters to today’s referral practices.


6 Ways To Get People To Buy Your Products !


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2月 2017

Trends In 2017 Of Cubic Zirconia And Jewelry !

Posted by kenturay / BLOG, PRODUCTS TREND / 812

Jewelry trends are extremely interesting things to follow and every year these keep changing; that is what makes them super interesting. Just imagine, you can refurbish your wardrobe according to these changes; how much fun! If you really wish to know what is hot in 2017, then this write up will help you to be enlightened about the jewelry industry.


Colored Gems, Rose Gold and Ear Climbers

Rose gold has arisen as the new yellow gold. Its popularity will definitely make it one of the chosen metals of 2017. This rose variety combined with colored Cubic Zirconia loose stones is a big trend this year. Ear climbers, ear jackets and statement pieces can be crafted out of these colorful stones which look stunning. Customized rings with colored gems as the center stone has been a trend and will remain so throughout this year. Red and blue will be popular choices for rings.

Wedding jewel for selling

Themed Jewelry

The Art-Deco theme inspired jewelry will continue to rule the fashion world. Beautiful, innovative and geometric pieces crafted with gemstones in 2017 will continue to be a hit among fashionable women. This is also referred to as the fashion revival of a 1970s style which will captivate the women of all ages. Some of the most elegant statement earrings have appeared in geometric shapes. The stylish chandeliers crafted with stones can be paired up with gowns for cocktail party whereas with LBDs for event and award shows.


Single Piece Statement with Floral Motifs Reigns

Floral motifs never go out of fashion. No jewelry box is ever complete without a jewelry piece with floral motif. They are always hot and happening. Jewelry pieces become the chosen ones when flowers bloom. Old mine and baguette cut gemstones have been the best of fashion when set on white gold earrings forming leaves. During the 2017 runway shows in Paris futuristic designs are the way. The boho-chic jewelery items created by some brands are super cool which are making women obsessed wit the designs. The hip chokers will also fade out of trend and will be replaced by cuffs. Sometimes, just a single cuff is enough to make one fall for an entire outfit. It is powerful enough to even replace a necklace. A beautiful bejeweled handcuff looks beautiful and magnetic. It displays the subtle fashion sense of a fashionista.


Charm Bracelets

Layering jewelry on wrists, arms, necks and fingers is hot throughout the year. It is the latest trend which can make every woman go gaga over jewelry items. The charm bracelets could be an electric mix of couture and costume. Mixed metals, bright plastics, rubber and leather could be the base material for creating some of the best charm bracelets. The charm bracelet is versatile enough to metamorphose into a necklace. Thus, the bracelets will always be a part of the jewelry box.

Holiday mom jewelry sale

All these trends of 2017 will make jewelry making and wearing special. In fact, women will continue to follow these trends while filling their jewelry box.

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How To Protect Or Take Care Gold Plated Jewelry

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