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4月 2016

Thick Girdle Heavy CZ – The Best With Gold Jewelry !

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Usually, the standard/regular thickness of the girdle for Cubic Zirconia round stones is less 1mm.  Now, we can make the Girdle in 10%, 20%,30%, 40%, 50% of thicker girdle for the round stones.  Then the total height of the stones will be higher, then the stones will be at a heavier weight.


The Thick Girdle can be made in Round diamond cut and Hearts & Arrows Cubic Zirconia Stones.

Another way to increase the weight of stone is to make the height of stones in higher measurement. The standard/regular height of the Cubic Zirconia round diamond cut stones is 58-62% of the size. We can make the customized height for the CZ stones



Cubic Zirconia Thin and Thick Girdle knowledge

The girdle can impact the gemstones in two important ways:


A thick girdle adds weight to a gemstones.The gemstones on the right is heavier, yet will appear no larger when set in a ring.

 * The thickness of the girdle affects the relative position of the surrounding facets, and so can impact cut. Because girdle width is already factored into the gemstones overall cut grade, a gemstones graded as well cut will produce superior brilliance, fire, and scintillation, even if the girdle itself is not in the ideal Thin-Slightly Thick range of width.

 * A thicker girdle will add weight to a gemstones, thereby increasing its price. Since a thick girdle adds depth to a gemstones but not width, a thick girdled diamond will not appear any larger when viewed from the top (e.g. when set in a piece of jewelry), despite the additional carat weight. The effect on carat weight and price is minimal, but real.

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