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2月 2016

Common Ways of Diamond Cut Ⅱ

Posted by kenturay / BLOG, GEMSTONE & JEWELRY / 1219

Trilliant Cut

   Trilliant Cut: It was first introduced into New York since the 60s. The uniqueness of this cutting is due to its brilliance. Essentially it is triangle, but what makes it special is that it has an angle which is sharp, round and also right. As opinions vary, trilliant cut will be more impressive than round cut as long as there is a precise depth of cut.



Octagon(Radiant Cut)

    Octagon: Considering both advantages of round cut and emerald cut, lapidaries created this cutting in the 1970s. Ranging from 62 facets to 70 facets, the primary dissimilarity between radiant cut and princess cut is that the angles of radiant cut are all flat. By using this way of cutting diamonds, lapidaries have added more scintillation to emeralds.




   Cushion: it is the oldest cutting of diamonds. It has 58 facets as a

Pillow-shaped cut, which is still in test due to its classic and bold characteristics. The angles and facets of cushion-cut diamonds are larger than that of round ones under the same proportion. Moreover, the better the quality of the rough stone is, the better the polished diamond will be.




   Emerald: Through this kind of cutting, the diamond is usually shaped as rectangle with cutting angles. It is a relative old way of diamond cut, usually being applied in semiprecious stones. Besides, having 50 to 58 facets, emerald cut is regarded as an amazing cut and is famous for its concentric framework and the ladder-shaped flat surface.




   Baguette: As a modified version of emerald cut, it was a very popular way of gem cut during Art Deco Period. By using step cut, a diamond is usually shaped as rectangle, being of 14 facets and octagonal angles.



Pear Drop

    Pear Drop: Every facet of a pear-drop gem is just the same, usually with repeated patterns on it. It is designed to be multifaceted with the purpose of making pear-drop diamonds apply in ornaments and earrings. There are four transformations of it: briolette cut, drop cut, marquise cut and round cut.


Eight Hearts and Arrows

People who have buying experience of diamonds are certainly knowledgeable about eight Hearts and Arrows. The so-called eight Hearts and Arrows applies the world’s top cut, namely, the cupid cut to make a diamond present the perfect and symmetrical patterns of eight hearts and arrows. The combination of eight hearts and arrows implies eight beautiful moods. They are “encounter, love, hint, dream, first kiss, lingering, and promise.” The diamond with eight hearts and arrows can present the most dazzling and brightest lights from any point of view. This kind of diamond cut is rather difficult, because the range of its cutting proportions is smaller and more specific than an ordinary EX cut. If there exists any asymmetry or its cutting proportion cannot meet the requirement, the diamond cannot be called as eight H&A one.



Ten Hearts and Arrows

Ten Hearts and Arrows is also an exquisite technique of diamond cuttings, which is even better than eight Hearts and Arrows, therefore it’s harder to achieve this kind of cutting. Ten H&A takes much longer time to cut a diamond. For example, among three hundred rough diamonds, there is only one can be cut with the optical phenomenon of ten hearts and arrows. And the time this process costs is six times than that of eight H&A. But all efforts have paid off. A ten H&A diamond has 71 facets, 14 facets more than an eight H&A diamond. Its reflections can reach the level of stronger fire, which is 1.2 times than that of the eight H&A one. What ten H&A representatives is the perfect and everlasting love.




Under the loupe, one can clearly observe that there is a flower consisting of nine petals at the center table facet of an Estrella-cut diamond. From the crown, nine hearts are evenly arranged along the peripheral table facet. Every Estrella diamond is comprised of three parts: the crown, girdle and pavilion. And what makes it different from other cuts is that each Estrella has 37 petals on the crown and 63 petals on the pavilion, amounting to 100 perfect facets. Every beam of lights that blazes on the diamond can be reflected by two petals which are located in the diagonally opposite. Besides, the lights reflected from the inside of the diamond are easier to be accepted by the human eye.



Common Ways Of Gemstone Cut Ⅰ


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